Electrical Glove Testing and Exchange Program

According to OSHA, qualified employees within the Minimum Approach Distance to exposed energized conductors should wear insulating (rubber) gloves along with leather protectors. Testing is one way to ensure your rubber gloves stay in compliance and can keep employees protected.

Another simple, comprehensive way to protect employees is by enrolling in Arbill’s hassle-free rubber goods exchange program. Our safety experts will launch a glove testing and exchange program designed to help keep your employees safe.

The Value of Testing Rubber Gloves

Regular visual and electrical testing are mandated by ASTM and OSHA.

  • OSHA regulations require electrical testing for rubber-insulating equipment before the first use.
  • New gloves should be used within 12 months of their initial test date.
  • Once in use, they should be retested every 6 months.
  • All gloves that pass testing will either have a new stamp date or expiration date.

Rubber can become compromised in a variety of ways, and testing can detect leakages and damages from:

  • Regular use and age
  • Exposure to sharp objects
  • Dirt and oils
  • Petroleum-based products
  • Environmental fluctuations
  • Improper storage

Electrical Glove Testing and Exchange Program

Benefits of Choosing Arbill's Electrical Glove Testing and Exchange Program

100% Program Administration

  • Tailored based on your company’s volume, cycle, and logistics
  • Customizing product exchange per customer/location
  • Alerts 60-days before your upcoming exchange date
  • Always in compliance dielectric rubber goods
  • Hassle-free exchanges
  • In/out product testing
  • Climate-controlled dielectric lab testing
  • Rejected gloves are rendered useless, returned for training and further review
  • Access to emergency inventory, delivered across the US within 24 hours

Detailed Reporting & Billing

  • Change to Receipt and shipping confirmations
  • How many gloves failed testing
  • Reasons for rejection including “visual test failure” or “electric test failure”
  • How many new gloves you'll need to buy
  • How many incomplete pairs will be stored as replacement inventory
  • Delivering proof/acceptance testing of new goods
  • Goods stamped with testing voltage plus date of test or date certification expires

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