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Protect Your Workers From Electrical Shock And Maintain OSHA Compliance

With Arbill’s Dielectric Testing Services

Protecting your workers from the dangers of electric currents calls for an ample supply of high-quality electrical gloves.

To maintain OSHA compliance and ensure worker safety, you need to regularly test the electrical gloves you acquire for your facility. Regulations require that you test your facility’s gloves once every six and 12 months at a minimum.

Arbill’s Dielectric Testing program helps you save money and keep your workers safe, while making the testing process simple and easy to track.

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When you enroll in this program, you simply send gloves that need to be tested to Arbill, and we partner with an expert lab to provide immediate turnaround. With a rigorous six-step testing process, you’re able to have confidence in the quality, durability and insulation of each glove you use to protect your workers.

Arbill also makes keeping track of your glove testing schedule easy by marking the last testing date and the due date of your next test on each glove.

For gloves that fail to meet the Dielectric Testing standards, Arbill offers a recycling program that repurposes discarded gloves into playground material.

With Arbill’s firm commitment to protecting your workers, a warranty on the testing process and a simplified process that helps you control costs, you have peace of mind that your workers are protected from electrical currents without having to manage the testing and scheduling yourself.

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