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Make Restocking First Aid Supplies And Safety Equipment Seamless

Protect Your Workers With Arbill’s First Aid Rapid Response Program

In urgent situations, such as workplace injuries, you never want to have to wait for first aid supplies and safety equipment. You and your employees need assurance that, when accidents and emergencies happen, you’ll have exactly the supplies you need to respond properly.

Maintaining a consistent source of first aid supplies, safety products and personal protective equipment is about more than meeting ANSI standards. It’s about having the ability to protect your most valuable resource: your employees.

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Keeping your facility properly stocked with the right first aid supplies and safety products is often challenging. Ordering too many supplies is wasteful, while not having enough can threaten the safety of your workers. Let Arbill help you strike the right balance.

With the First Aid Rapid Response program, Arbill partners with you to calculate your rate of first aid supply and safety equipment usage to make sure you always have just the right amount of the supplies you need without inundating you with costly replenishments.

In collaboration with your Safety Account Manager, you’re able to determine how frequently you’ll need new shipments of supplies. This takes the hassle and worry out of your first aid and safety products supply chain.

You’re also able to order a fully stocked first aid kit and monitor its usage. Arbill provides you with an easy-to-use refill form that simplifies re-ordering.

Arbill’s First Aid Rapid Response makes protecting your workers and maintaining ANSI compliance a fast and easy process.

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