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Make Your Signage More Effective And Save Money

With Arbill’s GHS Compliance Safety Sign Program

To remain OSHA and GHS compliant and ensure your workers are fully aware of the potential safety hazards they may encounter in your facility, you need the right safety signs in the right locations.

Acquiring the right signs without wasting money on unnecessary ones is a challenge many facilities face. With Arbill’s GHS Compliance Safety Sign program, you’re able to meet your facility’s unique safety signage needs, while achieving significant cost savings.

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In this seven-step process, your Safety Account Manager works with you to perform a complete overview and assessment of the signs your facility needs. Plus, you’re able to sign up for a more comprehensive facility audit, which ensures you have the proper signage and warning needed to keep your workers safe.

With this convenient and cost-effective program, you’re able to get peace of mind that your workers are well informed of your facility’s safety requirements, while potentially saving a minimum of 30% on your previous safety sign costs.

When you sign up for Arbill’s GHS Compliance Safety Sign program, you save money, while creating a safer and more efficient facility.

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