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Ensure A Consistent Supply Of The Safety Equipment You Need

With Arbill’s Safety Supply Inventory Management Solutions

An inconsistent safety supply chain threatens the safety of your workers.

Workplace accidents and safety hazards don’t wait around for your employees to have the right safety equipment in place to protect themselves. Too little of the right safety supplies or personal protective equipment puts your workers at risk. Too much of it inflates your costs and puts a strain on your bottom line.

Arbill’s Safety Supply Inventory Management solutions provide you with exactly the right supplies for your facility’s needs, exactly when you need them.

Our Safety Account Managers work with you to determine regular safety equipment inventory replenishment schedules that match your business’s unique needs. This helps ensure a steady supply of the right equipment without any administrative hassle or needless risk to the safety of your employees.

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If you go through your regular supplies faster than normal, our Rapid Restock™ program replenishes your supplies with expedited overnight shipping.

Additionally, our Safety Supply Inventory Management solutions include:

  • Safety Equipment Consignment

    Making sure your workers go home safely after every shift shouldn’t depend on your ability to pay for more safety equipment than you might need.

    Arbill’s Safety Equipment Consignment program establishes a safety supply chain in close proximity to your facility and provides a pay-as-you-go option that ensures you only pay for the supplies you use. With monthly re-stocking and billing, you have a convenient, cost-effective way to protect your workers with the safety equipment they need.

  • Vendor-Managed Inventory (VMI)

    When you need to reduce your internal administrative burden and provide your workers with the highest levels of protection, Arbill’s Vendor-Managed Inventory (VMI) allows you to stop worrying about your inventory of personal protective equipment (PPE).

    With this full-service option, Arbill manages and maintains your safety supply inventory for you. This helps you reduce equipment overuse, control consumption, streamline the reordering process and always have the safety equipment you need exactly when you need it.

  • Vending Machines

    On-site vending machines allow you to track and automatically replenish your safety supplies at the pace you set. With this program, our Safety Account Managers work with you to determine how many machines your facility needs and how frequently they need to be re-stocked.

    Then, you integrate the data from your machines into your purchasing system to increase ordering efficiency while reducing costs. Plus, having the machines on site means your employees always have access to the supplies they need.

  • Scheduled Blanket Order

    Schedule select product inventory for delivery when you need it. With this ordering option, tell us the product(s) you need, the quantity you need and when you would like it delivered — first of the month, every Monday, etc. We’ll guarantee availability and schedule deliveries like clockwork.

    With this option, you’ll never be without the products you need when you need them.

With a variety of Safety Supply Inventory Management options, you’re able to find the best solution to protect your workers, control your costs and streamline your safety supply chain for your facility’s unique needs.
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