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Protect Your Workers’ Eyes And Maintain ANSI Compliance

With Arbill’s Prescription Safety Glasses Easy RX Program

Proper eye protection is critical to workplace safety in your facility.

Acquiring the safety eyewear you need is complicated enough without having to account for employees requiring prescription glasses.

Providing the right lenses and frames to each worker isn’t just necessary for OSHA and ANSI compliance; it’s essential for the overall safety of your workplace. After all, if employees are unable to see properly, they are at a higher risk for workplace injuries.

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Arbill’s Prescription Safety Glasses Easy RX program takes the hassle out of acquiring and providing the proper safety eyewear to your employees while helping you improve workplace safety. With a wide range of frames and lens styles and a program that may be customized to any sized workforce, this program is able to meet any facility’s eye protection needs.

Sample frames and measuring and fitting services help you ensure the right comfort and fit for each of your workers, while your supply chain benefits from convenient order pick up. Each lens is crafted in an ISO-certified lab and meets ANSI Z87.1-2003 compliance standards.

In addition, the program helps you by offering consolidated reporting that simplifies documentation and invoicing.

With Arbill’s Prescription Safety Glasses Easy RX program, you’re able to simplify the process of acquiring the protective eyewear your workers need, while minimizing the impact on your bottom line.

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