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What if You Could Predict the Future?

Learn How to Take a Proactive Approach to Preventing Workplace Injuries with Vantage Predictive Analytics

What is Vantage Predictive Analytics?

  • Vantage Predictive Analytics is an innovative and powerful SaaS solution that takes into account a variety of work-related factors to anticipate future behavior
  • The system generates a V-Score that provides the insight management needs to take action before an incident occurs
  • As a result of this proactive approach you can expect a reduction in injuries, workers' comp claims and associated costs




How Does Vantage Predictive Analytics Work?

Track Customizable Critical Safety Factors

Anticipate Incidents and Injuries

View Real-Time Actionable Results That Allow You to Drill Down to the Root of Problems at Both the Employee and Manager Levels


In 2014 The overall fatal work injury rate for the United States was 3.4 fatal injuries per 100,000 full-time equivalent workers.

the first increase since 2010.

Tracking Indicators

The basic plan includes the following 12 risk factors you can use to develop a V-Score for each employee 

Basic Plan:

Added Sensors:

Fine tune your employee tracking with customized sensors that are specific to your industry or facility


What Data is Included in the Risk Algorithm?

Up to a dozen critical human resource factors, OSHA statistics, your historic and ongoing data

Securely integrate your ERP, HR tracking and other employee data
Analyze data in real-time with automatically generated detailed reports that identify where intervention is required 

Set admin rights and functions to control who has access to the data 

In 2014, 2.8 Million American Workers experienced nonfatal occupational injuries.

that equates to 7,692 injuries/day.

Vantage Predictive Analytics Impact on Organizations

Case study after case study has shown that those companies who utilized Vantage Predictive Analytics reduced injuries and churn, improved employee happiness, and generated significant ROI on their investment.

"Vantage Predictive Analtyics has truly changed our safety program. With this technology we are able to proactively prevent injuries in our workplace by identifying risks down to the employee level. This is a must have tool for every organization."

- Safety Director Fortune 100 Utility Company

Why Vantage Predictive Analytics Matters Now

With new regulations coming from OSHA and the first increase in workplace fatalities since 2010, it is imperative that organizations invest in keeping their employees safe. Taking a proactive approach to prevent workplace injuries will reduce your safety spend and insurance premiums while increasing employee morale and ensuring each employee makes it home safely after every shift. Now is the time to invest in protecting your most important assets, your people.


Safety Plateau

Many organizations have taken measures to lower their incident rates including: forming safety committees, performing ongoing safety training and onboarding, studying accidents after they occur and providing the best personal protective equipment.

Despite these efforts your incident rate has plateaued and you have hit a wall. Vantage Predictive Analytics helps you breakthrough this plateau by giving you the intelligence you need to take a proactive approach to preventing injuries in your workplace.





OSHA Reporting

Beginning in 2017, many employers will be requried to electronically submit the summary of injuries and illnesses to OSHA. These electronic submissions will be accessible to the public on OSHA's website in an effort to increase transparency.

With this rule change it is more important than ever for your organization to have an impeccable safety record. 


OSHA Fines 

Starting August 1st 2016, OSHA's maximum penalties increased by 78%. This was the first increase since 1990. The current maximum penalty of $7,000 for serious, violations will increase to $12,471 per violation and repeated violations will increase from $70,000 to $124,709 per violation.

Taking the necessary steps and making the right investments to prevent injuries is important to protect both your workers and your bottom line.

The Arbill Injury Cost Calculator

The Arbill Injury Cost Calculator is a powerful analytics tool that shows you the potential financial impact of a
workplace injury. It factors in both the direct and indirect costs of an injury to show the true impact on your organization.

In addition it provides a cost savings model to illustrate the impact a reduction of injuries will have.

You can customize the calculator with your specific company data including number of injuries, your costs and other variables.

This calculator gives you a clear view of the impact injuries have on your bottom line.

Are You Doing Everything You Can to Make Your Workplace as Safe as Possible?

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