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What is Vantage Predictive Analytics?


Vantage Predictive Analytics is an innovative and powerful SaaS solution that takes into account a variety of work-related factors to anticipate future behavior. Each employee's score provides the insight management needs to take action before an incident occurs. This results in a reduction in injuries and associated costs including insurance premiums.

Schedule a Demo to See How You Can:

  • Take proactive action to prevent injuries and reduce costs
  • Track up to 12 customizable critical safety related factors 
  • Get valuable insights that enable early intervention
  • View real-time results on screen for every manager and easily drill down to the root of problems

Case study after case study has shown that those companies who utlized Vantage Predictive Analytics reduced injuries and churn, improved employee happiness, and generated significant ROI on their investment. Schedule a demo today and learn how you can take a proactive approach to preventing workplace injuries to protect your employees and bottom line.