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Potential Solutions to Disposable Glove Issues Created Due to COVID-19

COVID-19 has caused a real shortage for disposable gloves and a worldwide demand that will not be met well into 2021. 

Some issues the increased demand have created include:

  • - Raw material shortages
  • - Increase of disposable glove usage due to:
    • - Existing wearers changing gloves out more frequently
    • - People who never wore gloves now wearing disposable gloves
  • - Closures of global glove suppliers
  • - Continued reduction of labor due to COVID restrictions
  • - Extreme price volatility


Labs, healthcare and food industries still require disposable gloves, but there are many industries and jobs that do not require disposable gloves that are currently using them today.


  • - Are you using disposable gloves in a dry environment where there is no chemical splash concern solely for their high dexterity and low cost?
  •  - Are you wearing disposable gloves in a wet environment just to keep your hands dry from wet films or splashes?


If yes to either of the above, consider using coated gloves for the same job while gaining added benefits that include increased protection, lower cost and on-hand inventory.


Potential cost savings using coated gloves like Item #A11892 or Item #A11902 vs. disposable gloves*:

*Note that these gloves commonly last several days or longer which can significantly increase your cost savings shown below. The below cost savings should be used as a guide only.

Further benefits to Coated Gloves include:

  • - Coated gloves offer better protection, especially against any cut or light punctures that easily damage disposable gloves
  • - Reduction of potential dermatitis issues

Choosing the Right Disposable Gloves

If you must wear a disposable glove, consider wearing a cotton inspection liner to prevent potential issues in addition to other benefits.

In addition to helping with fit by filling loose gaps and increasing dexterity, 100% Cotton liners such as Item #A110101 and Item #A110103 can help combat concerns including sweaty hands or dermatitis. Some liners offer 100% cotton and antimicrobial treatments (like Item#A1103HL) which can serve as an additional layer of protection.


Arbill has glove and liner options to suit your needs. If you'd like to request samples of these glove alternatives, simply complete this form and one of our safety advisors will provide the best solution for your safety needs.  

Have a Safe Day!