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June is National Safety Month

2021 Marks the 25thAnniversary of National Safety Council?s National Safety Month, reinforcing the commitment that safety in the workplace has never been more important.

National Safety Month

Did you know that there were 5,333 fatal injuries in 2019 – the highest number of workplace deaths since 2007*?

To honor Workplace Safety Month, the National Safety Council suggests preventing accidents before they occur, addressing on-going COVID-19 safety concerns, feeling safe on the job and advancing your safety journey all play a part in workplace safety.

  • Be proactive:Reduce hazard exposure with proper training so workers can identify risks.
  • Supportive transition:As workplaces transition back to a traditional work environment, consider how you can support your employee's mental health.
  • Create an inclusive safety culture:Emotional safety is just as important as physical safety – allow employees to be themselves without fear of retaliation for who they are.
  • Keep improving:Safe work cultures are bolstered by continuous improvements – challenge employees to evaluate and identify unsafe actions or conditions and commit to a safe work culture.

Conduct timely incident investigations that effectively determine and identify the cause of the incident and then take proper corrective actions to prevent the issue from reoccurring. Include near misses in your incident investigations to identify and prevent the “almost” accidents from reoccurring.

*Bureau of Labor Statistics

Have a Safe Day!