Roofing Industry Safety Training and Products

For over 75 years, Arbill has been providing world-class value and ensures an organization's culture is rooted in safety.

Explore Arbill's comprehensive roof safety program with the right safety products and safety training.

As OSHA regulations become more restrictive and violation fines increase, non-compliance can not only cost your business hundreds of thousands of dollars in compliance fines, lost business through your EMR score but most importantly, it can also cost someone their life.

Roofing Safety Tips

Develop a comprehensive plan with the corresponding OSHA standards to the type of roof construction you are providing.

Roofing Safety Tips

Provide the proper protective safety equipment for your crews.

Roofing Safety Tips

Train employees to understand safe practices, proper use of safety equipment and create a company culture or safety hazard awareness.

Roofing Safety

Tips for Making Rooftop Safety Your #1 Priority

The time to create a safety culture in your business is before you hire your first employee, quote your first project, or visit your first job site. The successful contractor focuses on the safety and well-being of his employees and the customers they serve.

Establishing safety compliance training for hazard awareness and implementing company protocols with mandatory guidelines can prevent or reduce employee accidents.


Roofing Safety products
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Roofing Safety products

Whatever your industry, Arbill is committed to helping your company ensure workplace safety and lower your regulatory compliance costs with a full suite of consulting options, including site assessments and audits, gap analysis, staff augmentation and industrial hygiene services. All services are provided by highly experienced and certified EHS professionals.

Roofing Safety Training

EMR Rating and Proper Fall Protection Training

Falls are the #1 cause of serious work-related injuries and deaths. Looking to reduce your EMR rating? On-the job safety is a crucial step in the process. Learn about Arbill’s safety training courses to support your roofing safety culture.

Employers must provide training for their employees to recognize hazards to prevent falls. These efforts will also prevent injuries and potential OSHA violation fines.

Preventing loss time incidents starts with ensuring your employees are aware of the risks, hazards and corrective measures associated in the roofing construction industry.

Contact our EH&S team to schedule the appropriate instructor-led or online training classes including:

  • Behavior Based Safety
  • Construction Safety
  • Fall Prevention
  • Competent Person
  • Heat/Cold Stress Awareness
  • Environmental Compliance
  • Active Shooter
  • Accident Investigation
  • Basic First Aid
  • OSHA 10 & 30
  • Lockout/Tagout (LO/TO)
  • Walking Working Surfaces
  • PPE
  • New Employee Safety Awareness
  • Office Safety Awareness Compliance
Rooftop Audits
Daily Rooftop Audits
Have you conducted your daily rooftop audit? Conducting a daily rooftop audit is an important step to fall protection and prevention:
  • Conduct a site hazard awareness check
  • Properly inspect all PPE before use
  • Wear a properly fit harness
  • Cover any opening, holes, or areas where a fall could occur
  • Leading edge vs. non-leading edge, knowing the differences
  • Utilize connections, guardrails, or lifelines

EHS Managed Services

Arbill’s EHS Managed Services provides more than 60 OSHA compliance and safety training programs as well as site assessments, audits, staff augmentations, industrial hygiene services and more.


Heat Stress

Heat Stress
Heat stress is a real issue in the roofing industry, especially in the summer months when inspections and reroofing projects take place.

Here are some tips to keep you cooler as the weather heats up:

  • Start early in the morning to get the bulk of your work done before the hottest point of the day
  • Stay hydrated.Because you have no protection from the sun, you will need to replenish your fluids before, during and after the project to avoid serious issues including dehydration, fainting and more.
  • Take Breaks.Taking breaks in an air-conditioned area or in the shade will help you stay cooler and hydrated. 
  • Wear the appropriate clothing.Whether you choose cooling or wicking clothing, these breathable fabrics will help you beat the heat.

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Best Safety Products for Roofers

Fall Protection Safety and Equipment

Self-Retracting Lifeline vs. Lanyards

Understanding your working conditions and knowing the benefits between a Self-Retracting Lifeline vs. Lanyards can literally save your life.

Self Retracting Lifeline


In the event of a fall - self-retracting lifelines – can vary in length and will only activate during a fall and use an internal braking mechanism designed to stop you mid-fall.


Lanyards generally have a set length of 6’ and unlike a SRL will allow a worker to ‘fall’ for the length of the lanyard until there is no slack left.

Calculate Total Fall Distance

Properly calculating your Total Fall Distance (TFD) (aka Swing Fall Distance) goes hand in hand with the right fall protection.

Calculating your TFD will differ based on whether you are using a shock-absorbing lanyard or a retractable lifeline. OSHA offers guidance on what variables should be considered when calculating the total fall clearance distance at

Calculating Fall Distance

Illustration courtesy of 3M.

Properly Fit & Wear a Harness

Fitting a full body harness with D-rings? According to OSHA, it is important to follow these simple steps:

Proper Harness Fit

1. Inspect for damage or wear.

Proper Harness Fit

2. Position back D-Ring between shoulder blades.

Proper Harness Fit

3. Buckle up legs.

Proper Harness Fit

4. Buckle up front.

Proper Harness Fit

5. Adjust so the harness fits snuggly and D-Ring remains in the correct position.

Illustrations & instructions by OSHA.

Best Safety Products for Roofers

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